How can we help you in your management?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are very generic, for all the details that a tattoo studio requires, calendars are useful but they do not integrate with the information that we may have in an Excel sheet..

Tools for you

Records, sales, calendars, and products are just some of the many tools for managing your studio.


Your studio manages a unique database set for your business, encrypted and only accessible with your username and password.


Do not make decisions blindly, obtain in seconds financial statistical information of your business to make the best decision.

All in the Cloud

Quickly and securely access all your information from anywhere in the world, directly from

I had been looking for an application to effectively manage my study for a long time, so much searching and I ended up using excel for a long time, T.A.S. it makes it easier
— Victor Segovia, Satisfied Customer


Focus on what really matters

Good decisions are not magic art, they are knowledge, the more you know your situation the wiser your decisions will be.

T.A.S. was developed and continues to be developed by programmers closely linked to the tattoo industry, therefore all its interfaces, forms, printable documents, etc., are arranged according to the specific need of the tattoo artist or studio administrator.

Our solution is designed to involve your entire work team and make management work more efficient. Imagine your artists all with specific profiles that allow them to schedule clients themselves, while an administrator as moderator monitors them, and you as the owner with access to all the statistical and financial information generated by the operation.

All the information you provide to T.A.S. It is for the exclusive use of you and your work team, we guarantee the privacy of your data through proven encryption methods.



Point tools

Designed from the specific need of the tattoo studio, these tools provide a way to comprehensively manage a studio.


First Steps

First, what to do if you have already created your system? It is blank and to start you just need to know a few things to record your appointments, follow up on them, and everything you already know about the tattoo business.


We have the right package for you


The functional version


You do not have to pay anything

  • 1 Admin user
  • Tattoo Scheduling
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Customer Management
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or 269.99$ yearly (3 months FREE)

  • Unlimited users
  • Scheduling Tattoos and Piercings
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Customer Management
  • Product registration and sale
  • Graphical statistics
  • Financial indices
  • Coupons and Points System
  • API's for integrations
  • Point of sale and cash closing